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2021 KGCSA Scholarship Applications

The KGCSA Board of Directors would like to extend to our membership the following scholarship opportunity:

The KGCSA Legacy Scholarship Award offers education aid to the children and grandchildren of KGCSA members and is administered by The KGCSA Board of Directors.  Applications are submitted for judging to an independent committee consisting of three high school educators and/or three college administrators.  All decisions of the committee will be final.

Carefully review the scholarship application.  As a reminder, one or more of the applicant's parents or grandparents must have been a KGCSA member for five or more consecutive years and must be a currently active KGCSA member.

KGCSA Legacy Scholarship Application

Previous Legacy Scholarship Award Winners

2016 2017 2018 2019

Nicole Beanblossom Sarah Hawes Mary Pritchett Anna Disselkamp

Duncan Hitti James Marsh Duncan Hitti Kathryn DeHart

Yancey Pritchett Jake Hoarston

Kaitlin Sullivan

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